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Natural Church Development

What if...? 

If someone offered you a process that had the potential to….

  • Unite your church
  • Give focus to your church
  • Channel limited resources where they would do the most good
  • Assist leaders to act in a way that will help their church and not harm it
  • Identify your church’s strengths
  • Highlight your church’s weaknesses, obstacles and/or opportunities
  • Give some significant clues about the church’s ‘back door’ that needs to be closed
  • Take your church from copying other church models to co-operating with God’s unchanging and unchangeable principles
  • Help your church become more balanced in its ministry
  • Help your church become more caring, giving, praying, gift-based and need-oriented, etc.
  • Bring about the change a church really needs without causing the fallout usually associated with change


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