How NCD can help your church: Strengths Identification

Natural Church Development has the potential to Identify the Church’s Strengths!

Some criticize Natural Church Development – even reject it – because of the focus on the Minimum Factor or weakness. They believe we should always focus on our strengths. But a little thought will reveal there are times when we should play to our strengths, and other times when we must give attention to our weakness.

For example, when it comes to spiritual gifts we play to our strengths, but with the fruit of the Spirit we seek to strengthen our weakness.

When we visit the doctor he/she is looking for, even concentrating on, areas of weakness/damage/infection. The doctor is not really that interested in your good knee. When it comes to health, we are all minimum factor people; and the same may well apply to your church.

So why is it helpful to know your church’s strengths?

Consider the human body again: When you are sick your body automatically applies your strengths to compensate for, even heal, your illness. A church, unlike the human body, does not generally address its weakness (sickness) intuitively or automatically – unless it is an exceptional church! Let’s face it. Most churches don’t even know their weaknesses that need to be addressed. Nor do they know the strength they have that may be applied in healing those places that are weak.

Churches need an intentional strategy to use their strengths to improve their health.

In a church where Inspiring Worship Service is the Minimum Factor (weakness, sickness) and Holistic Small Groups the Maximum Factor (strength, area of good health), leaders should address the question:

How can our church use Holistic Small Groups to improve Inspiring Worship Service?

Another message of good news from NCD is this: Every church has its strengths; no matter how sick a church may be; no matter how small the church; no matter how unfriendly the church’s environment……every church has strengths to celebrate…….and the NCD survey can be extremely useful in helping us discern the strengths in our church that we should celebrate and use.

“Let us speak, thought we should all our faults and weaknesses – for it is a sign of strength to be weak, to know it, and out with it.” Herman Melville

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