Natural Church Development Principles in the Bible

Those too lazy to plow in the right season will have no food at the harvest. (Proverbs 20:4)

Jesus said He always did what He saw the Father doing in both the spiritual and the natural worlds. In the world of horticulture, believers and unbelievers alike, do what they see the Father doing in the natural world. They know there is a right season to plough, and if they do not plow at that time they will come up short. There will be no food on the table. They are doing what they see the Father doing whether they believe it or not.

Several significant Principles are ignored by a lazy person like this one in Proverbs:

Sowing and reaping, Fruitfulness, Multiplication, Sustainability, Interdependence, Energy Transformation – all of these are working against this lazy person.

Fruitfulness: There will be no fruit because the ground has not been prepared at the right time to receive seed.

For Multiplication to happen, seed has to be sown and a crop harvested.

Unless someone else comes to his rescue, the life of this person will not be Sustained because he has no food.

Because he has failed to work, using the Interdependence that God has set up in His creation, he will starve to death.

This principle will also be working against him.

Energy Transformation: It is very clear that he is investing no energy whatever in doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, in the way it needs to be done, so there is zero energy going into the very thing that should be done. Investing energy in avoiding work could very well work against him in his muscles seizing up (what you don’t use, you lose); starvation (scarcity of food); strained relationships (who will continue to provide food and a bed for this sorry individual?)

These are some of the principles that God has woven into His creation and that Natural Church Development is based upon. They are always working whether we acknowledge them or not. And if they are not working for us they will surely be working against us.

How Natural Church Development can help your church: Creating Reality

The survey result reveals the hearts, heads and hands of those surveyed – the influencers in the church.

“. . . our experience-induced perceptions greatly influence our feelings, beliefs, and behaviour.” (page 109, P-CL, Covey).

Let’s do that again: “. . . our experience-induced perceptions greatly influence our feelings (heart – in the 3 colours of Natural Church Development, blue), beliefs (head – green), and behaviour (hands – red).” (page 109, Principle-Centred Leadership, Covey).

In other words, the way we see reality, no matter if the way we see it is the way it is or not, determines how we will respond to it. And our behaviour will change the reality to bring it into line with our perception of it. Think about it: If we see the church a certain way, if the way we see it is wrong, if we keep on seeing it that way, eventually it will become the way we see it. It’s important to see it how it is. And it’s very important to see it as it should be, and as it could become.