How Natural Church Development can help your Church: Hearing from God

When we accept the survey result as a snapshot of our church’s current reality (where we are now), we are listening deeply and genuinely to the Holy Spirit of God.

Those who have participated in the survey are the main influencers in the church. Where they go, the church goes. What they model, the church does.

Of all the people in the church, we would expect these people to be influenced by the Spirit of God. Therefore it must follow that the survey result is God’s word for us at this time in our history; just as a doctor’s accurate diagnosis of our health is God’s word for us on that matter.

I once heard a pastor ask if it might be possible for the survey result and the Holy Spirit to be in disagreement with each other. The answer given was informative: “If the Holy Spirit and the survey result do not agree, all I can say is your people are inveterate liars.”

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