Natural Church Development Health and Children

Children and NCD Church Health

When the data from more 1000 Australian churches from 25 denominations and movements is analysed, there is a definite correlation between the numbers of children in the church, and NCD church health.
Does a healthy church attract more children? Does a flourishing children’s ministry make a church healthier? The experts say it would not be wise or accurate to say that one causes the other. All we can say is there is a definite relationship between healthy churches and effective children’s ministry.

The graph informs us that very healthy churches (right on diagram) have a larger number of children (and are adding to the number of children at a higher rate). Very unhealthy congregations (left on diagram) have a smaller percentage of children (and are losing those they have).

While this is the findings from 1000 Australian churches, when the data from 70,000 churches around the world is added, the graph hardly changes.

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