Ignoring the Principles?

God detests the prayers of a person who ignores the law. (Proverbs 28:9 (NLT))

Which law is the Preacher referring to? Is it the law that governs all of creation, the law that God has woven into everything He has made, the principles that Christian Schwarz and Stephen Covey and Andy Stanley – and many others – write about? Principles that are unchanging and unchangeable and self-evident (when you really think about them)?

God detests such prayers because they are prayers He cannot answer the way the pray-ers are wanting Him to answer. Such requests are like a person who sows carrot seed in the garden, and then prays that God will cause parsnips to grow!

What can God do with a prayer like that?

Does this have anything to say about giving thanks before eating food we like rather than food that is good for us?

The whole idea here is that we are praying to God for things that, if He were to answer by approving our requests, would cause the whole creation to fall apart; prayers that God simply cannot answer, prayers He detests because if He were to answer the way we want Him to, He would be denying Himself, acting in opposition to His own nature.

Are some of our prayers for evangelism and church growth like that, that is to say, God cannot answer them because He would be denying His character?

What do you think?