Organisational Health

Patrick Lencioni‘s book is entitled, ‘The Advantage.’ He maintains that all organisations have access to the ‘classic fundamentals’ like strategy, marketing, finance and technology. Such qualities are available to any organisation that takes the time and trouble to discover them. Many courses are available, many books have been written, many websites (with free information) are out there, to help any person learn and implement these organisational needs. And many experts can be found who will guide an organisation through these processes.

Lencioni begins his book with this paragraph: “The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organisational health. Yet it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free, and available to anyone who wants it.”

By organisation, Lencioni means any kind of human enterprise – business, school, hospital, church, family, non-profit – anything where people work together to achieve any purpose.

This endorses exactly what Christian Schwarz says in his book, ‘Natural Church Development,’ and subtitled, ‘A Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches.’

Might health be the issue for the organisation that is your church?

At a workshop, Jim Collins (‘How the Mighty Fall’) had one of the participants ask: “How would you know if our organisation is doing well? When you are on top, most powerful and successful, everything looks fine, your very success might cover up the fact that you’re already on the path to decline. Outwardly, it looks to be doing fine. But how would you know?” It’s a great question.

We see it in some of the ailments that affect physical health. On the outside, everything is good; a person feels really good; but how many people have been astounded when their doctor tells them they have a terminal illness?

How is your church doing? And how do you know? Really?

Would early 2019 be a good time to do a church health assessment?

And if you have done a church health assessment some time ago, would this be an appropriate time to see if all the plans and prayers and payments have served to improve the health of your church?

If you are interested, please contact me.

God bless you

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